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High Speed Legal Document ScanningLitigation document Scanning Services is the process of converting hardcopy paper to electronic format such as Tagged Image Format (TIF) or Portable document format (PDF) in preparations for production during Discovery. Once the hard copy paper has been organized, the paper is scanned by high speed document scanners using specialized software that saves document breaks, ensuring that the documents are saved in their original state as required by the rules of evidence or "to be produced as kept in the normal course of business".

Our Litigation Document Scanning Services Include:
  • Oversize Scanning (plans)
  • Litigation Scanning
  • Load File Creation for all leading litigation support software such as AD Summation, Concordance, Relativity and Ringtail.

e-discovery Services provides Miami Document Scanning services throughout Miami-Dade County, Broward County and Palm Beach County.

Once the paper has been scanned to digital format the documents are then OCR'd (Optical Character Recognition) this process will allow for the electronic documents to be searched for content found on the records. This process greatly improves efficiency when searching for relevant records, or particular fact patterns or events as it can search thousands of records simultaneously. Most, if not all documents kept in the normal course of business are computer generated or printed to paper so the quality of the OCR process has greatly improved. The most significant hurdle to overcome is the large amounts of documents clients need to review in order to search, cull, redact, create a privileged log, and ultimately produce relevant materials in paper and electronic formats.

Besides the ability to search large amount of records simultaneously Litigation Document Scanning allows for the ability to export the document images into load files for document review platforms. On the Record e-Discovery services has the capability to export to industry leading review platforms such as:

  • AD Summation
  • Concordance
  • Relativity
  • Summation Iblaze
  • Ipro

Load files allow loading of thousands of records into review platforms for optimum efficiency and minimal downtime for reviewers. Once loaded into a document review platform Litigation Scanned Documents can be searched simultaneously with electronic files in one secure defensible platform which can also include, video, audio files, deposition transcripts, and exhibits.

On the Record e-Discovery services is well positioned to assist clients with the full spectrum of litigation support services. We have 15 years of experience in Litigation Support Matters in Federal and State Courts. We also provide web-based document review services which will allow Attorneys and Paralegals review documents in one defensible platform without the need to purchase additional software, hardware or hire additional staff.

For your next Litigation Document Scanning project give us a call for a free quote at 305-323-1341.

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