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Forensic Data Recovery

Forensic data recovery is used frequently for legal purposes and is often essential in criminal and civil investigations. e-Discovery Services offers forensic data recovery, a process that is used to reconstruct data from a hard drive, thumb drive, memory card or a computer from which the necessary files have been corrupted or even deleted.

Experience in forensic data recovery is fundamental in the success of retrieving damaged or deleted information, such as rebuilding and restoring data from memory cards and hard drives, or in some cases, working around computer security systems when the computer is set up with safety measures to erase or destroy information if a trigger is set off.

A data recovery specialist must have extensive knowledge and the ability to retrieve information, such as uncovering and restoring deleted or corrupted partitions or files without compromising them. e-Discovery Services has over fifteen years of experience in all aspects of forensic data recovery, including all phases of the Electronic Discovery Reference Model (EDRM).

Our company has a personalized approach, with the ability to travel anywhere in the United States to assist our clients with the data recovery process. We are well versed with multiple leading data recovery software applications.

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